Happy Wholidays from Grinchmas

I usually spend my days at Universal Studios, walking around Hogsmeade or sipping butterbeer, sometimes I’ll add a little Jameson if I’m feeling extra. Of course, there is a special time of year that takes me away from my magical Hogwarts and into a whimsical world of Grinchmas.

Grinchmas take place at Universal Studios from December until early January. It transforms into a magical area with photo ops and a giant tree and stage area.

While there you can take photos with Max, the Grinch, and countless other citizens of Whoville.

Grinch trying to steal my ornament bag

Of course the citizens of Whoville are always ready for a selfie too

It was so much fun chatting with the Citizens, but the best part was taking some time to do some good.

Stop by the post office and send a post card. Your post card helps raise money for School on Wheels. Doing good for others is something to make your heart grow three times it’s size. I just love helping a good cause, especially when it’s a cause helping kids get supplies for school.

Now doing good for others makes a person hungry for a treat. Plenty of sweets to be had at Grinchmas, but I opted for a gingerbread hot chocolate. OMG it was like eating a gingerbread cookie. It’s was so good. Sorry Starbucks, but Universal Studios has you beat on this.

Drink your hot chocolate and watch a show on stage. There are performance throughout the day. I caught a performance of Martha May and The Who-Dolls. The performance was delightful, but I especially loved their amazing dress. Ummm can I get one in my size.

Though the ladies actually were more a fan of my ornament bag from Unique Vintage. It was a fun interaction.

I had a great time at Grinchmas and can’t wait till next year. Hope you check it out. I hope you all have very Happy 2019, even you Mr. Grinch.