Belle goes to Be Our Guest and France 

On my last day at Disney World I went Disney Bouding as Belle. I bounded as village Belle on my last trip. I wrote a blog post on that bound. This time I was going as ballroom Belle. I found a cute yellow dress at Forever 21 and gold flats at Steve Madden and a Belle bow I got at a craft fair. 

I was very happy I snagged a lunch reservation for Be Our Guest restaurant! I’ve eaten there once before for lunch and the food is delicious and fairly reasonably priced for the quantity.  The only bad thing, getting reservations is difficult, try getting them several months before you go. 

at the entrance to Be our guest

There are three dinning rooms to choose from  

the grand ballroom


the west wing

and the gallery room

I picked the West Wing this time. It’s small, but dark and mysterious. During the time there you can hear and see a lighting storm. 

The food was delicious I got the tuna salad and my mom got the quiche and French onion soup. Of course we also ordered the master cup cake, with the grey stuff. It’s delicious.

Try the grey stuff , it’s delicoius

leaving Be our Guest

Now to meet Gaston. Always try to line up 30 mins to 45 mins before Gaston comes out to insure you get a photo with him.  



Had a lovely time at the Magic Kingdom now on to EPCOT specifically France, home to Belle. In EPCOT they have Village Belle, which I love.  


Belle and Belle

After France I went to the UK and hung out with Alice  


She loved my dress and asked if I was going to a tea party? 

It was a fun day at Disney World and I miss it already. Have you ever Disneybounded before? And if you have or haven’t what character do you want to bound as next?  Thanks for reading! Have a magical day! 

Snow White  loves woodland creatures and flowers. 

When I was went to Disney World early this month for the expedition Everest challenge  I decided to Disney bound as Snow White for a day. 

If you aren’t familiar Disney Bounding is basically wearing regular clothes to resemble a character, ride, or land. 

I went for a casual Snow White look with yellow shorts, blue tank top, red sweater wrapped around my shoulders, gold flats,bs necklace with little birds,  and a red bow head band. Be sure to rock a red lip stick. 

    Got this from an employee at my hotel. Totally got my Disneybound 

I went to Animal Kingdom first because Snow White loves animals   Got lots of compliments  and met a few characters. 


we are so adorable

I highly recommend going on the Safari!! Lots of awesome animals. 

Animal kingdom was fun but I was looking forward to EPCOT especially since it was during the time of Flower and Garden. If you haven’t heard about flower and Garden, it’s when Epcot goes crazy with amazing topiaries throughout the park. 


snow and snow

I love Woodland Critters!! 

Another cool part about Flower and Garden is all the yummy special food. There are some stalls that sell speciality items during the festival. Here are a few items. 

Bacon maple cupcake.    

Grand Marnier push pop. 


 Dole whip with macadamia nut rum. 

I also tried the duck in France, the pull pork and tri tip in the US, the fruit slushy in Italy, and the Vie en Rose in France. 

I highly recommend the Flower and garden, so much yummy food and specialty drinks.  It was a great day betweent the two parks. Thanks for reading and I hope you have a magical day. 


24 hours of Disney Dimond Celebration 

Disneyland kicked off their Dimond Celebration with an awesome 24 hour party. It was glorious and I was there actually for 25 hours with no napping what so ever. 

I decided to Disney bound as Peter Pan. I got a great fascinator at Hat and Mouse . I love the stuff she makes. 

The Disney gates actually opened at 4 am but only Main Street was opened. I got there a little after 5 am.  

At that time it was already packed, people had lined up around 8 pm the night before. Those that lined up early last night got a pair of 60th anniversary ears. I didn’t get them but then I actually wanted to enjoy all 24 hours awake. I decided to head to California Adventute. 

California Adventure opened their entrance gates at 5:30 am. I wandered around until they opened everything up at 6 am. 

Peter Pan bounding

Since most people were in Disneyland, CA adventure had practically no wait times. I literally waited 5 minutes for Toy Story Mania. That never happens!! I went on the new digitally remastered Soaring over California and the picute quality is much better plus I think smell a vision is even stronger. Yes there is smell a vision on this ride, it’s my favorite. 


3 hours in
After 9 am I head over to Disneyland it was a bit crowded so fast passes was the way to go. Got to ride a few rides and watch the outside entertainment. 

back at Disneyland
bootstapers at New Orleans Square

Lots of photo opportunities and the best had to be the new costumes some of the characters have for the 60th Diamond Celebration. I love the Red and blue color scheme. I was lucky to get one with both Minnie and Mickey.  


kissing cuties!!
And of course Daisy  

 She is so adorable!!! 

I went to the Disneybound meet up by Thingamavlogs. Great meeting new Diseybounding friends.  

Then I followed that up with more rides. Jungle cruise was also a fun ride and did you know that they have maps you can ask for when you leave the ride. Sometimes you have to work for it like make animal noises or tell a joke. 


jungle cruise map it does exist

The much anticipated ride was the Haunted Mansion, because the finally added Hatbox ghost back. It was very cool.



I also checked out a preview of Tomorrowland. Which looks really cool. I’m not a huge George Clooney fan, but the preview they showed was set in 1964 at the World Fair, which is awesome because Walt Disney debuted some rides there. It was a nice tie in.  

It was already sometime in the early evening. I was starving so I headed to Hungry Bear restaurant, they had a  special there. It was a hot dog topped with pulled pork, coleslaw, and jalapeños. It was the best hot dog ever and I hope they bring it as a regular menu item. It was glorious !!

I chilled out a bit in Main Street in the Steamboat Willie theater waiting for the fireworks. The Paint the Night Parade was before but people had lined up for the parade in the morning. No joke!! Then the fireworks began. 


the castle looks so beautiful at night.

 It is seriously the most beautiful fireworks show to this date. Along the side building of Main Street images of movies and art work are projected while music and fireworks go on. It was so breathtaking. I sang along and I cried in the end. I wasn’t the only one people around me also were tearing up. I definitely will be seeing this again this summer. 


Next was the Paint the Night parade! I checked out the 1 am showing. The Parade paid homage to the classic Main Street Electric parade but with a little more technology. I didn’t get one but there are electric paint brushes you can purchase the supposedly changes the colors on the float and the light up Mickey ears.  It was pretty cool and the music just made you want to dance, even had a little segment of the old Electric Parade music.  

There were tons of things to do after rides, movies (they showed guardians of the galaxy,Avengers, and Mary Poppins sing a long in the party)   or a pj party in Toontown. I was disappointed I had left my pjs in the locker outside the Disneyland gates . If I went outside I would not be let back in. Seriously it hit capacity at 2pm and no one was let in. There was a widow around 5 pm were some got it but unless you were staying at the hotel or had dinner reservations you weren’t allowed back in Disney. So that was disappointing I couldn’t take pictures with the character in my pjs, but still I did have fun at the pj party.  

we look good in green
It was already around 2:30 headed to get a snack at Stage Door cafe and headed to Tomorrowland terrace after for the dj dance party  

The  dj played old school and current PPP hits. It was awesome. Close to 5 am I headed back to Main Street to sit on a bench and wait for the closing ceremony.  I bought a Cinderella popcorn bucket and ate some popcorn while I waited. Nothing like Popcorn in the morning 

prettiest popcorn bucket

Finally Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, Donald, and Goofy came to say good bye    

And they waved good bye I headed out. I spent 25 hours in Disneyland (27 awake). 


It was a magical day. every ride, every show, every moment. I met some cool people.  Disneyland will alway be #1 and as Walt Disney once said “as long as there is imagination there will be a Disneyland” .  If you have a chance to go to Disneyland this summer you should. The actual 60th anniversary is July 17th. If you can’t never fear Disneyland will be there forever. 

Thanks for reading. Hope this post helps bring a little Disney Magic!  

24 hour day at Disney is approaching!!

I’m so excited for Disney’s 24 hour day happening in DisneyWorld and Disneyland. The park will be opened from 6am Friday to 6am Saturday morning. I’ve done 24 hour days before but never the full 24 in the park so I’m excited about doing the full 24 hours this time!

The most exciting part is Disneyland is celebrating it’s 60th anniversary so there will be awesome merchandise and new parades and firework shows.

I’ll be heading to bed soon for the big day, but if anyone is at Disneyland come say hi. I’ll be Disneybounding as Peter Pan. I may later in the evening bound as Merida too.


I’ll post a recap of the actual event with lots of pictures of the cool merchandise so stay tuned. Thanks for reading and have a magical day.


Pinup style meets geek chic -Her Universe at Hot Topic

I am a proud geek. Love shows like Arrow, Daredevil, and Agent Carter. I grew up watching Batman the animated series and X Men the animated series too and let’s not forget all the great Comic Book movies in the last couple years. At the same time as well as being a geek I’m a girly girl too. I love dresses and heels and having my hair all curled, so you can only imagine my excitement when I heard about the new Marvel line by Her Universe at Hot Topic.

It has a great pinup style look to all the pieces and a retro glam vibe.


I rushed to the store the minute it came on sale. The online store is sadly sold out. I ended up getting the Loki dress, Captain America dress, and Black Widow jacket. The detail is amazing.




My favorite has to be the Loki dress. I love the detail of the head pieces around the edge. It’s very geeky, but subtle. You can dress it up with heels like I’ve done or down with flip flops and a denim jacket. As for dress sizing I’m usually a size 8 and found the medium in the Loki and Captain dress worked well. Unfortunately the Black Widow jacket I had to size up to a large since It was too tight to wear over a sweater. If I was wearing the jacket over a thinner top the medium would have worked. I didn’t get the other three pieces in the collection. The Thor sailor dress is darling though and so is the Tony Stark bomber jacket. The Black Widow dress is 60s mod chic, but not my style.

I highly recommend checking out the collection in stores and if you are a geeky gal or have a geeky gal in your life definitely get a piece or two from the collection. Thanks for reading and have a Geektasic day!

Tinkerbell 10k recap

Just ran the Tinkerbell 10k and it was another great race. I ran the inaugural 10k last year and definitely plan on doing it every year as long as I can. This year Disney added the Pixie dust challenge for running the 10k and half marathons you get a Pixie Dust Challenge medal. This year since I did the Princess half and Expedition Challenge I decide to pass on the Pixie Dust Challenge, especially since I have Dumbo Double Dare and the Avengers infinity Gauntlet Challenge later this year.

For the 10k I decided to dress up as Wendy Darling. She’s my favorite along with Peter Pan. I wore a top from Forever 21 athletics. Surprising they have decent workout clothes, running shorts from Under Armor, skirt by sparkle athletics , and tennis shoes by RunDisney. I had the Cinderella ones of last year. They are ok shoes for 5k or 10ks, but they did cause me problems for the Star Wars half


The race started at 5:30 am before then we wait in our corrals. The host try to make it entertaining and we even had a visit from Fawn and Tinkerbell.



Then the race started I stopped for a few pictures. Along the way.


The race was pretty good. I finished at a good time considering I stopped for pictures. This was my 4th RunDisney race of the year. I have four more to go.

Here is a better view of my medal


It’s so pretty.


Pretty proud got to add this to my medals. I have a few more medals I don’t display, but these are all 10k and up with the exception of Everest


Anyone run the Tinkerbell 10k? Anyone doing the Pixie Dust Challenge? Hope this inspires you if you haven’t done a RunDisney race to sign up for one. All you really need is faith and trust and a little Disney magic.

Marie – the purrfect Disney Bound.

I was so happy to be in Florida during the Flower and Garden Festival and for the Everest Expedition. It was so beautiful to see all the topiaries. I’m finally sorting through all my pictures and thought I would do a couple posts about it. While there I Disney Bounded as Snow White, Marie from the Aristocats, and Belle.

If you aren’t familiar with what Disney Bounding is it’s basically wearing regular clothes and accessories to represent something Disney. It could be a character or even a ride or a land in the park. You can get some ideas also on the disney bound

Marie is one of my favorites and I decided to Disney Bound as her, also because Marie is in Disney World so I wanted my picture with her.

I wore a white dress, used a pink scarf for my neck and a pink ribbon around my waist. I bought the loveliest fascinator from the hat and mouse
Her work is amazing. I have four fascinators I’ve purchased and I will be doing a post on my Peter Pan bounding as well.

I got to Main Street and waited patiently for Marie. Minnie was doing the photo opt and I honestly let people go before me so I could have my turn with Marie instead. I have Minnie in Disneyland and even have a picture with her while bounding as Minnie. Finally Marie came!


After that I took more photo opportunities with more characters.



And then even took some more by the topiaries in Epcot.


Ahhah tick tock is going to eat me!!!


Cats and dogs!

Marie and Marie!

It was such a fun day of Disney bounding. Have you even Disney bounded? What are some of your favorite characters? Please stay tune for my next post of Disney bounds and my recap of the Tinkerbell 10k. Have a magical day!

Tinkerbell half marathon Weekend- packet pickup

I just finished Expedition Everest last weekend and I’m already gearing up for another race this coming weekend. Oh Disney what you do to a girl. This year RunDisney added another challenge. The Pixie Dust Challenge for running the 10k and the Half marathon you get a third medal, the Pixie Dust Challenge Medal. This year I’m not doing the challenge as I am doing Dumbo Double Dare in September and the Avengers Infinity Gauntlet Challenge in November. I decided just to stick with the 10k. I ran the Inaugural 10k last year and I’m looking forward to running it again this year.

Packet pickup will be available through Saturday. Be sure to pick up your own packet. Disney changed the rules about packet pickup and only you and you alone can pick up your race packet.

I got there two hours before the expo opened so I could be in line for merchandise. I will admit they had a lot of great stuff, even stuff for the 10k, which is pretty rare. I have to say that Disneyland is so much more organized for races than Disney World. We are given a wrist band and we are single file placed in rows. When the expo opens we are walked over to the merchandise section single file row by row. In Disney World sadly it was run for it when the doors open.

I bought a few things, including a Dooney and Bourke Bag.

I love the drink ware. I have the wine glass and tumbler from Tinkerbell 2014 and use it all the time. I decided to get the travel bottle as well. I especially like how this year’s tumbler features all the races.




I also got the car magnets. I have a habit of getting a car magnet which I use for my fridge for every race I do. Disappointed there wasn’t one for Everest, but happy they had the Tink 10k. They even had one for the 5k.


I also got the pins for the races I’m doing. Even the Pixie Dust Challenge even though technically I’m only doing part of it 🙂


Love this year’s design for Tinkbell. I love last year’s more though and I’m kicking myself I never bought one of the bags. The color in the photo is deceiving as the color of the purse is actually a grayish plum color rather than black. It is very roomy and had a front zipper pocket and in the center has several more pockets. The only issue is that it’s cloth not leather like the Princess half marathon purses. Though it is a washable type cloths so just a damp cloth should keep it clean. It’s the perfect bag for your next Disney trip. The bag itself is $188 plus tax.


IMG_8459 IMG_8460 IMG_8463

I did stop by one of the booths selling Biofreeze. If you have knee injuries like myself I can’t recommend this enough. My mom who has been having some back pain tried some of my biofreeze and is now a believer in it. So highly recommend it. I bought three tubes of this stuff at the expo.


I also stopped at the Lasting Commemoratives booth and picked up a free bookmark. I love their products. I ordered one of their frames two years ago and they did such a wonderful job. You can ask for a custom order and they will do it. I can’t wait until the end of the year when I will order my 10 rundisney medals frame 🙂


After all the merchandise had been bought I headed over to finally pickup my packet.




I really love the design of the shirts this year. Especially love the mint color of the 10k shirts. IMG_8458


I’m really looking forward to the race. I will be dressed up as Wendy. Anyone else doing the 10k, half or the pixie dust challenge? Are you dressing up? I will have another post about the race and my costume.  In the meantime just keep running or flying in this case :).

Everest Challenge the final Expedition 2015.

Last weekend I ran through Animal Kingdom in search of the Yeti for the final Expedition Everest Challenge. It was a dream for many years to do this race and I was super lucky I was one of the few that was able to sign up for it.

The race itself is a 5k obstacle race with three obstacle challenges. After the 5k you are given a series of clues (5 clues in total) you have to solve in order to receive your final medal.

For this race I decided to dress up as village Belle, because I want adventure in the great wide Animal Kingdom.


In my corral I made a new friend, who happened to also be a fellow cosplayer, and we decided to team up to take on this challenge. Glad we did because we were able to help each other during the clues. The 5k was a good run and the obstacles consisted of jumping over hay bails, crawling under a mesh netting, and running through tires.

The clues weren’t too bad a bit challenging but as a team it was easier. The last clue required us to find the words of all the answers from the previous clues in a word search. The remaining letters would spell out what to do. “Go find the Yeti at the finish” well we went to the finish and said that but it wasn’t correct. We figured out that the Yeti was in one of the clues. Sure enough a picture of the Yeti was on the front of clue number 2. Yay finished the Everest Challenge and got my beautiful medal.


Here is a picture with my new friend. Yay team cosplay. LILO and BELLE


At the post party they had Dinoland open for rides and photo opportunities


Here is a photo of my beautiful medal


Glad I ran Everest looking forward to the Tinkerbell 10k. Anyone running the Tinkerbell half weekend? What are you dressing up as?