Disney Bounding Belle

Disney Bounding has become a bit more popular and unlike cosplay you don’t have to sew an exact replica. All you have to do is use regular clothes and accesorries  that represent the character. I had fun last week Disney Bounding as Belle in Disney World. I used a blue dress, a white blouse, ballet flats, and of course you can’t forget the blue bow.

I headed over to New Fantasyland to have lunch at Be Our Guest restaurant. I’m annoyed that they now require reservations when I went you just had to wait 40 minutes, now you have to book lunch reservations months in advance if you can even get through.


There are three different dinning rooms to choose from the ball room, the gallery room, or the west wing. The west wing is cool with a dark feeling and a rose losing it’s petals. I ended up in the gallery room.

IMG_5700IMG_5692 IMG_5693

My mom ordered the quiche with salad and I ordered the slow cooked pork, with mashed potatoes and vegetables. Everything was delicious


Of course you can’t forget dessert. The master cupcake is amazing, the grey stuff it’s delicious. It’s a chocolate cupcake with grey frosting and a chocolate piece. It was so moist and fluffy. I savored every bite.


I had a wonderful meal there and hope to be back there again.


Now after that wonderful lunch I headed to Gaston’s Tavern to see if Gaston was around. I was busy reading when I saw him, he noticed my book and then took it from me and put it high on the building rafter.


I took a few photos with him. He does like to take pictures, because he thinks he is beautiful.

IMG_5771When the picture taking was done I asked if he could “Please give me back my book”!”


He really didn’t want to, in fact he got my book down and gave it to a total stranger and told him to throw it in the trash. You know he is not a fan of books. Maybe he doesn’t know how to read? Luckily the stranger gave it back. Gaston is quite the character, in fact I would say he is positively primeval.


After my time in the Magic Kingdom I headed over to Epcot, I had dinner reservations in France and also was excited that they had Village Belle there.


IMG_5849 IMG_5876 IMG_5844

A quick stop at the UK and said hello to Alice.

Then off to France and at that moment it started raining so pictures with Belle were moved inside.


Reading is fun!

After my reading session with Belle I headed to Monsieur Paul, it’s a wonderful restaurant. I always like to splurge on one or two fancy meals during my vacation and this was it. I was compliment by the waitress who said when she approached the table she thought Belle was dinning with them.



I had a great day Disney Bounding, received many complements on my Belle bound and many cast member played along calling me Belle and Princess. Have you tried Disney Bounding? And if so what characters have you bounded as? I can’t wait to Disney Bound again!

Princess Half Marathon 2015

I recently ran the Princess Half Marathon it was an amazing experience. I had done many Disneyland races, but this was my first Disney World race and my 5th half marathon in general.  It was my first Disney World half and the first time I earned a Coast to Coast medal. I ran the Star Wars half in January and finishing the Princess half qualified me for the Coast to Coast medal. Since the race was a Frozen theme I decided to dress up as Anna. IMG_5424 IMG_6713 I was so paranoid that I would be late I showed up at 2:30 am. I heard that traffic can be bad, but there wasn’t any at that time. They had a dj playing and character photo opportunities before the race, which was cool. Then it was time to march to your corrals, unlike Disneyland where the corrals are a 5 minute walk from the parking lot Disney World seems to want you to do a 5k warm up. I had to walk about 30 minuets to get to my corral I. Since I was in the middle of the pack (corrals go all the way to P) I didn’t have to wait to long before I got to run. IMG_6731 The temperature for the race was a perfect 55 degrees , a bit chilly but overall great. At one point along the route there was mist and fog on the golf field. It was a beautiful sight. The few down sides to the course were that you didn’t run in the parks much, mostly the back roads of the parks parking lot and the golf course. There were some characters out, but unlike Disneyland that has the community out supporting you while you run the streets of Anaheim you didn’t have that here.  Though the course itself was a smooth course, which made running very easy. There were three steep inclines, but other than that it was the perfect running course. If you just wanted to run and not stop for pictures it would have been easy to get a new PR. I did stop for a few pictures along the way. Here are a few of them. IMG_6734

A Jolly Holiday
Kristoff, Anna, and Elsa
The Princess Half medal and the Coast to Coast medal

I didn’t get a new PR but I did have a decent time at 2:51 considering I stopped for pictures,  it wasn’t too shabby. After the race I decided to visit the Parks! I got lots of compliments on my outfit and my Coast to Coast medal. IMG_6746

Norway -Epcot

IMG_6769 IMG_6794

Got to run to my next race

Overall I had an amazing race! I definitely plan on running more Disney World races and hopefully earn more Coast to Coast medals. My next race isn’t for a few month. I’ll be running in Expedition Everest, now to decide what I will dress up for that!!!

Princess Half Marathon Expo 2015

The Princess Half Marathon Expo was very different than the Disneyland half Expos I’ve experienced. I will say that Disneyland is far more organized in general. Also packet pickup and merchandise are held in the same building for the Disneyland races, not in separate as in Disney World. I arrived at the Expo at 7:35 a.m. it was held at ESPN World of Sports, at 7:40 a.m. the gates opened. Usually at 6:30 a.m. people are already lined up in Disneyland, not here. No one seemed to know exactly what line you needed to be initially for bags or merchandise. Disneyland has everything organized very early in the morning with staff that directs you to the proper line for Dooney bags, merchandise, or packet pick up. Eventually my mom and I spilt up, I going in one line for merchandise and my mom going in another for Dooney & Bourke Bags. It was freezing cold and windy on a Thursday, now granted I’m from California so 35 degrees is freezing to me, I waited in line for 2 hours. At 9:30 they let us in early.  If you have ever done a Disneyland race everyone has to be in single file and are let in one at a time, the last race I did was Star Wars and they gave people colored wrist bands to designated which time you were in. Unfortunately Disney World just opened the doors and people ran. I was one of the first few people first in line so I wasn’t too worried, but it was still something that stuck in my mind. I wasn’t intending to go to crazy with merchandise, but I did buy a few more things than expected.

  IMG_6176 IMG_6175IMG_6145IMG_6152IMG_6155 IMG_6151IMG_6173



IMG_6171   IMG_6174

For Run Disney Merchandise I bought some pins, a necklace (super cute that the shoe has 2015 on it), drink ware,  and a car magnet (I use it for my refrigerator). Every time I do a half marathon I get a magnet, this one was my 5th.

IMG_6815  IMG_6813



At the expo itself I bought a light blue sparkle skirt from Sparkle Athletics.

A necklace and snow flake hair clips from Milestones sports jewelry



I also splurged  and got two Dooney and Bourke bags. I never have bought any of the race bags, even though I’ve done several.  I was only intending to get the medium size bag, but my mom loved the larger bag and since she has been my biggest supporter and been there for every race I bought it for her. I usually don’t spurge on race merchandise, but since it was my first Disney World race I thought it was merited.


Then I picked up my packet and got my Coast to Coast wrist band. I had run the Star Wars half so running the Princess half qualified me for the Coast to Coast medal. My first Coast to Coast!!!! I will say that I did get a bit teary eyed when the lady put the wrist band on me. If you run  the Princess half and the Tinkerbell half you get the special pink Coast to Coast. I am not doing the Tinkerbell half this year, only the 10k so I got the regular Coast to Coast.



It was a fun long day, but glad it was over and I was definitely looking forward to race day. I will post about the race itself in the following post. Please stay tune for that. Keep on running!!!

The coolest running costume that will make any snowman melt

I’m running the 2015 Princess Half Marathon. I decide to make an Anna costume since the theme this year is Frozen. I found a light blue long sleeve running shirt at Forever 21. Had an old black tank top and bought a blue sparkle skirt. 


  1. Light blue long sleeve running shirt
  2. black tank top
  3. Blue sparkle skirt or blue running pants (I got mine from Sparkle Athletics)
  4. Gold ribbon
  5. Fabric paint (green, hot pink, purple, and gold)
  6. Stencil
  7. x acto knife
  8. brushes
  9. sewing machine or needle and thread

I found a stencil on Alphamom . I printed out the stencil and cut out the image floral pattern with an x acto knife. A tip that I am sharing since I made this mistake, print the image on a heavier paper or card stock. I printed it on standard paper and when painted onto the shirt and bit of the paper got stuck on the shirt. I did wash off eventually, but it is easier not having paper stuck on your shirt.

I cut out the green vine first, painted it green and waited for it to dry before I peeled it off. I then cut out the pink flowers from the stencil, painted it and waited for it to dry. I free handed the purple flowers and gold dots. I waited it for it to dry a few days before I washed it. After it was washed it was time to add the ribbon.


IMG_5342The Ribbon was difficult and I had to sew it, rip out the seams, and sew again. This happened three times. First mistake don’t sew the ribbon on a flat tank. I discovered that that running tanks stretch when you put them on so don’t measure and sew it when it is laying flat on the table it won’t fit. So the best method is to measure it on a dress form or yourself. Since I don’t have a dress form I carefully pinned the ribbon on the strap, then sewed it on with the sewing machine. I did this for the ribbon along the bust line too. I cut two pieces of fabric and overlaid them to create the v shaping. In the end it turned out nicely . Can’t wait for the Princess Half.


I will be posting a follow up blog about the Expo and the Princess Half Race itself. Hope you have fun creating this or any costume for your future race.

The Fairest of them All running costume

I decided to run as Snow White for the Disneyland Half 2014. I ran as Belle for the 10k, tutorial on that costume is the previous post. I will say that my inspiration came from another blog. http://thismamamakesstuff.com/2011/10/snow-white-disneyrunning-costume-tutorial/


  1. Blue tank top
  2. Elastic band (wider width)
  3. Large Snaps
  4. Blue ribbon
  5. Red ribbon
  6. Red fabric for cap (one yard)
  7. White fabric for collar
  8. Stiff Interfacing (Jo Ann’s workers were very nice in helping me pick which one I needed)
  9. Yellow running skirt (mine was from http://sparkleathletic.com)
  10. Red bow headband

First measure the elastic around your arm and cut. Sew on snaps this will make it easier to put on. I didn’t follow the blog I played with the length of the ribbon and cut them a bit longer.

Cut 2 pieces of blue ribbon 10″ long

Cut 2 pieces of blue ribbon 11″ long

Cut 2 pieces of red ribbon 10″ long

Cut 2 pieces of red ribbon 11″ long

Cut 2 pieces of red ribbon 9″ long

Then machine sew the ribbon to the elastic. IMG_3087

I sewed two different seams to make sure it would not unravel.  Then I pinned it like the blog suggested and hand sewed it to the tank. I hand sewed the cape on as well. IMG_3090

The collar was a bit tricky. I did my own pattern out of parchment paper (using the blog as a guide) then traced it on the interfacing and cut it out. Use the interfacing as a guide to cut the white fabric leaving some room for the seam. The sewing of the fabric around the interfacing was a big problem but in the end it turned out ok.  My sewing skills are very basic. I think another option would be to use fabric glue and glue the fabric on the interfacing. I then positioned the collar, pinned it,  and hand sewed it.


I didn’t take any pictures along the race course, but here are the medals I got for running Dumbo Double Dare.


It was a great race! I can’t wait to run Dumbo Double Dare 2015. It will be the 10th anniversary for the Disneyland Half marathon. Can’t wait to see the special medal for that race! Hope this inspires you to create your costume for your next race.

A Real Beauty running costume

Last September I ran Dumbo Double Dare (10k on Saturday and a Half Marathon Sunday) To run 19.3 miles was challenging but the dressing up part helps. I did a Belle costume for the 10k. What you need is a yellow tank top, some yellow fabric about 2 yards that you will cut, fold and sew together, and a rose if you wish to add it. I found a yellow tank top at Forever 21. I bought yellow fabric at the fabric store. I sewed the fabric in one long band.IMG_3082

I have a simple Singer sewing machine. You don’t need anything fancy, you can even hand stitch the fabric. Then I hand sewed the band to the tank top and sewed on the rose.


I then cut some old opera length gloves and dyed them yellow. I bought a yellow sparkle skirt from Sparkle Athletics, there are tons of running skirts you can buy or you can make your own tutu. I will try and make one and have a tutorial on how to do it eventually.

In the end it turned out nicely. IMG_3980Here I am with the costume on.


Here is the 10k Medal  I got for running 6.2 miles. Pretty cool medal.


Hope this inspires you to run a race in costume.

Welcome to my Geektastic Blog


Hi everyone. I’m RadRose I love geeky things, costumes, and running. It is appropriate that I love running the RunDisney races because all my loves get to be combined into one amazing event. I plan to post on how to make costumes for races using running clothes and some simple sewing. Trust me I am not an expert seamstress, but I have managed to make some cool alterations to some running tanks to make them appear more costume like. I may post some of my hauls I get at running expos and maybe some running tips. This is a work in progress blog so please bear with me. Thanks and hope everyone has a magical day.