Elsa visits the Wizarding World of Harry Potter 

On April 7th the Wizard World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios Hollywood is set to finally open. I was fortunate enough to have a preview and my friends and I of course dressed up. We all represented each house and one of my friends dressed up as Professor Umbridge. I decided to do a disney mashup doing Elsa/Ravenclaw. I always felt if Elsa was sent to Hogwarts she would have learned to have mastered her powers.

Walking through the gates is a magical experience.

The minute you walk into you see part of the  train station and of course the Hogwarts express. Here is a photo of all of us with the train conductor.

Elsa is ready to do the magic!

Walking through Hogsmead is amazing. It really feels like you’re in the movie. All the shops are perfectly depicted.


Of course you can’t forget the butter beer. Don’t worry kids it’s non alcoholic so you can definitely have some and the adults will enjoy it too. As for the adults there is some great beers and cocktails served in the park. Three beers are exclusively sold at the park.


One of the cool experiences in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is checking out Ollivander’s  wand shop. If you are lucky a special wand may choose you. My friend Kaitlyn got chosen.


It was a cool experience to say the least. With all this exploring of Hogsmeade one does get pretty hungry and we definitely satisfied our hunger at the Three Broom Sticks. The food is very good. So many different options, from fish and chips, bangers and mash, and sunday roast. I went with the Sunday Roast.


After lunch we checked out the 3D Harry Potter Forbidden Journey ride. Walking through the line is like walking through Hogwarts. It’s so cool.

I loved the ride, it is intense. You fly around with Harry and have to fight off dementors and whomping willows. Some people may feel nauseated after it, just a fair warning. I wasn’t.  I felt fine.

We also went on the flight of the Hippogriff ride. You get to see Hagrid’s cottage as you walk through line. This ride is very short, I almost wish the small roller coaster would go around twice to make it worth while. It’s a small coaster and perfect for little kids.


We did more walking, checked out some singing , and did some magic. The cool thing if you buy one of the interactive wands you can do some magic at the different stores.

Everyone was friendly and loved our outfits. The employees were all so helpful and super nice. We spent time talking to them about the parks and our costumes. They loved how we were in character the whole time.



At one point in the day we had fun playing students and following Professor Umbridge around like little ducks following their mama. Though mama wasn’t always happy with us. We had fun taking photos where Umbridge was scolding us as only Umbridge could do so well.


But then we also had fun making fun of her too.


It really was an awesome time and we had to capture the moment.




I can’t wait to go back. It was a wonderful experience and having friends to dress up with was what made the experience even more magical. In truth that’s the real message of Harry Potter, that friendships is what gets you through the darkest times and that’s the real magic after all.




Thanks for reading. I hope you get to experience this wonderful place at some point or if not, hope  you pick up one of the  books or movies and find some magic in your life. Have a magical day.

D23 expo recap

D23 expo was this past weekend at the Anaheim convention center. It comes ever other year and it was my first time going. 

I decided to go as Vanessa, Ursuala’s alter ego on land. The costume I made turned out great.   

I got in line about 7 am the convention opened at 10 am.  

The nice thing is that D23 expo had stage pass for some panels. It’s basically like a fast pass so you don’t have to wait in line for hours and hours. I was able to stag a pass for the shorts panel. 

The short panel discussed the different shorts featured in the new DVD. The coolest thing was a sketch book they gave to all audience members. 

Another cool thing about the expo was a chance to visit the Disneyland archives.  It featured props from rides, photos, badges, and costumes.  I took a ton of photos. 


disneyland archieves
This was the end of the collection. Amazing!!!

There were tons of phot opportunities and amazing cosplays. I was lucky to take some photos with some amazing cosplayers. 


Sven let’s go save Anna
 My favorite had to be this one with Flynn Rider. Move Eric I have my eye on Flynn, Maximus doesn’t approve. Can’t help it Flynn stole my heart.   
fellow cosplayers
I really was a fan of cosplayers that cosplayed less popular characters, Mr. and Mrs. Darling (Wendy’s parents) Olivia (Great Mouse Detective) King Steffan and the Queen (Aurora’s parents) and the Haunted Mansion (Amber Arden’s tightrope girl was amazing)


There was another great opportunity to take a photo on a Star Wars speed racer. It was pretty awesome.  

I attended an artist signing of Jasmine Becket Griffith. I love her art work. Picket up a Snow White postcard.    

Disney Infinity has a booth too. Uou had an opportunity to choose one of six figurines after their interactive experience. I was one of the last in line to get this opportunity, the line was two hours long but for a free infinity figure so worth it. 

  I picked up Sadness. She’s so cute.  


Got to get a sneak peak of Disney Shanghai. 

And another sneak peek of Pandora at Animal Kingdom 


Plus there will be a lot of exciting with the announcement of Star Wars land in Disneyland and DisneyWorld. So much exciting new developments and expansions. It’s an amazing era for Disney. Can’t wait to see all the developments completed. 

Plus all the cute products that will come out soon for Disney style at the Disney store. 

 It was an amazing day and I ended the day sailing back to the sea. After all Vanessa can’t remain on land forever.     
I did buy a few things and scored some free stuff. I loved my Aristocats prints I bought and my Disney Vans. I loved the Ariel ones. Ironic that Vanessa bought Ariel shoes but it was the only way to get a little mermaid. 

It was a fabulous day can’t wait for 2017. Thanks for reading, have a magical day. 

Happy 4th from Captain America 

Hope everyone is having a great 4th whether you’re  in the States or not 🙂 I decided to celebrate America’s birthday by Disneybounding as Captain America,  the girly version. The dress is from Hot Topic Her Universe clothing line. My Avengers pin is from disney. A cute bow I bought at a geek fair and ballon purse from Sarahs curtesy skirts.

I headed to Disneyland to  get a picture with the famous super hero. He definitely approved of my outfit.  

I even got one with Thor don’t ever tell him that Loki is your favorite :/ He was offended. I told him I did like him…”Umm you have a good body” lol

Oh and red, white and blue desserts were had. A 60th celebration cupcake (lemon with a raspberry filling) and a Raspberry Rose macaroon fillies with whole raspberries. Mmm so yummy. 


After dessert I got to see my favorite mainstreet performers the Dapper Dans. 


I was so happy I got a picture with them. I  love their red, white, and blue dapper outfits. 

It was a great day even though I was there for just a bit. I did manage to get some sparkly 60th ears. I love that they are blue. I love blue.  

It was a great way to start the 4th. Do you dress up for the 4th? Do you have a favorite superhero. 
Hope everyone had a great fourth! 

Hogwarts Running Club- virtual Hogwarts Races. 

I am a geek who loves to run and I especially love geeky themed runs. I’ve run the Disney Star Wars and Avengers races already. Plus countless of Disney ones. I totally got excited when my friend shared an article about the Hogwarts Running Club.  I am a huge Harry Potter fan. Ravenclaw forever, yes I consider myself a Ravenclaw.  

The wonderful thing about Hogwarts Running Club is they put on virtual races and send you a medal. What are virtual races? Well there is no set pace or place. Run or walk how fast or slow as you want and where you want.  This is great especially for those whose work schedule or running pace can’t meet most races. Plus you don’t have the expense of travel. So this is a great low budget option. 

I signed up for Department of Mysteries 6.2442 the cost was $28.25 including fees. There is a link on the Facebook page or go to the Active race page to sign up. Spots are limited so sign up fast. 


a preview of the medal
A few of my friends have signed up and we will be doing our virtual race at Disneyland.  Happy Birthday, Harry Potter.  I will of course be rocking my favorite Ravenclaw shirt I got a tee turtle. Sadly, they don’t carry it anymore. It will be lots of fun and my friends will be rocking their house pride as well. Hufflepuffs, Slytherin, and Ravenclaws. I know, I don’t have any Gryffindor friends doing the race. Sadly, they are busy fight dark forces. What house do you belong to?


If you’re a Harry Potter fan this is something you should check out. Have a Geektastic time if you do it! 

24 hours of Disney Dimond Celebration 

Disneyland kicked off their Dimond Celebration with an awesome 24 hour party. It was glorious and I was there actually for 25 hours with no napping what so ever. 

I decided to Disney bound as Peter Pan. I got a great fascinator at Hat and Mouse . I love the stuff she makes. 

The Disney gates actually opened at 4 am but only Main Street was opened. I got there a little after 5 am.  

At that time it was already packed, people had lined up around 8 pm the night before. Those that lined up early last night got a pair of 60th anniversary ears. I didn’t get them but then I actually wanted to enjoy all 24 hours awake. I decided to head to California Adventute. 

California Adventure opened their entrance gates at 5:30 am. I wandered around until they opened everything up at 6 am. 

Peter Pan bounding

Since most people were in Disneyland, CA adventure had practically no wait times. I literally waited 5 minutes for Toy Story Mania. That never happens!! I went on the new digitally remastered Soaring over California and the picute quality is much better plus I think smell a vision is even stronger. Yes there is smell a vision on this ride, it’s my favorite. 


3 hours in
After 9 am I head over to Disneyland it was a bit crowded so fast passes was the way to go. Got to ride a few rides and watch the outside entertainment. 

back at Disneyland
bootstapers at New Orleans Square

Lots of photo opportunities and the best had to be the new costumes some of the characters have for the 60th Diamond Celebration. I love the Red and blue color scheme. I was lucky to get one with both Minnie and Mickey.  


kissing cuties!!
And of course Daisy  

 She is so adorable!!! 

I went to the Disneybound meet up by Thingamavlogs. Great meeting new Diseybounding friends.  

Then I followed that up with more rides. Jungle cruise was also a fun ride and did you know that they have maps you can ask for when you leave the ride. Sometimes you have to work for it like make animal noises or tell a joke. 


jungle cruise map it does exist

The much anticipated ride was the Haunted Mansion, because the finally added Hatbox ghost back. It was very cool.



I also checked out a preview of Tomorrowland. Which looks really cool. I’m not a huge George Clooney fan, but the preview they showed was set in 1964 at the World Fair, which is awesome because Walt Disney debuted some rides there. It was a nice tie in.  

It was already sometime in the early evening. I was starving so I headed to Hungry Bear restaurant, they had a  special there. It was a hot dog topped with pulled pork, coleslaw, and jalapeños. It was the best hot dog ever and I hope they bring it as a regular menu item. It was glorious !!

I chilled out a bit in Main Street in the Steamboat Willie theater waiting for the fireworks. The Paint the Night Parade was before but people had lined up for the parade in the morning. No joke!! Then the fireworks began. 


the castle looks so beautiful at night.

 It is seriously the most beautiful fireworks show to this date. Along the side building of Main Street images of movies and art work are projected while music and fireworks go on. It was so breathtaking. I sang along and I cried in the end. I wasn’t the only one people around me also were tearing up. I definitely will be seeing this again this summer. 


Next was the Paint the Night parade! I checked out the 1 am showing. The Parade paid homage to the classic Main Street Electric parade but with a little more technology. I didn’t get one but there are electric paint brushes you can purchase the supposedly changes the colors on the float and the light up Mickey ears.  It was pretty cool and the music just made you want to dance, even had a little segment of the old Electric Parade music.  

There were tons of things to do after rides, movies (they showed guardians of the galaxy,Avengers, and Mary Poppins sing a long in the party)   or a pj party in Toontown. I was disappointed I had left my pjs in the locker outside the Disneyland gates . If I went outside I would not be let back in. Seriously it hit capacity at 2pm and no one was let in. There was a widow around 5 pm were some got it but unless you were staying at the hotel or had dinner reservations you weren’t allowed back in Disney. So that was disappointing I couldn’t take pictures with the character in my pjs, but still I did have fun at the pj party.  

we look good in green
It was already around 2:30 headed to get a snack at Stage Door cafe and headed to Tomorrowland terrace after for the dj dance party  

The  dj played old school and current PPP hits. It was awesome. Close to 5 am I headed back to Main Street to sit on a bench and wait for the closing ceremony.  I bought a Cinderella popcorn bucket and ate some popcorn while I waited. Nothing like Popcorn in the morning 

prettiest popcorn bucket

Finally Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, Donald, and Goofy came to say good bye    

And they waved good bye I headed out. I spent 25 hours in Disneyland (27 awake). 


It was a magical day. every ride, every show, every moment. I met some cool people.  Disneyland will alway be #1 and as Walt Disney once said “as long as there is imagination there will be a Disneyland” .  If you have a chance to go to Disneyland this summer you should. The actual 60th anniversary is July 17th. If you can’t never fear Disneyland will be there forever. 

Thanks for reading. Hope this post helps bring a little Disney Magic!  

24 hour day at Disney is approaching!!

I’m so excited for Disney’s 24 hour day happening in DisneyWorld and Disneyland. The park will be opened from 6am Friday to 6am Saturday morning. I’ve done 24 hour days before but never the full 24 in the park so I’m excited about doing the full 24 hours this time!

The most exciting part is Disneyland is celebrating it’s 60th anniversary so there will be awesome merchandise and new parades and firework shows.

I’ll be heading to bed soon for the big day, but if anyone is at Disneyland come say hi. I’ll be Disneybounding as Peter Pan. I may later in the evening bound as Merida too.


I’ll post a recap of the actual event with lots of pictures of the cool merchandise so stay tuned. Thanks for reading and have a magical day.


Welcome to my Geektastic Blog


Hi everyone. I’m RadRose I love geeky things, costumes, and running. It is appropriate that I love running the RunDisney races because all my loves get to be combined into one amazing event. I plan to post on how to make costumes for races using running clothes and some simple sewing. Trust me I am not an expert seamstress, but I have managed to make some cool alterations to some running tanks to make them appear more costume like. I may post some of my hauls I get at running expos and maybe some running tips. This is a work in progress blog so please bear with me. Thanks and hope everyone has a magical day.