Avengers Half Marathon weekend signup

Mark your calendars everyone. The Avengers Half Marathon sign up is on April 12 9 am pacific standard time. The Avengers half marathon weekend consists of several races during November 11-November 13 2016. There are Kid races, a Captain America 5k, A Doctor Strange 10k, and the Avengers Half. If you sign up for the Infinity Gauntlet Challenge (the 10k and the Half Marathon) you get an extra cool medal for finishing  both races.

IMG_3305I ran the Infinity Gauntlet Challenge last year.I highly recommend it. Plus where else can you run a race and see your favorite super heroes like Captain America, Black Widow, and Thor pose with you along the race course. If you’re a comic book fan and love to run this race is for you.


Thanks for reading and I hope this inspires you to sign up for a race 🙂

Avengers half marathon weekend-packet pickup. 

It’s that time again. Another Disney race is happening this weekend.   I went to Disney for Packet pickup and the Health Expo on Thursday. 

They were already setting out the Finish line.  So excited about this weekends race. I’m doing the Infinity Gauntlet Challenge (10k and half)

The line wasn’t too bad on Thursday.  Waiting in the official merchandise line. 


In the official merchandise section you had so much options from jackets, shirts, caps, sports bras (that was random), glasses, water bottles, and ornaments. I love the RunDisney tennis shoe ornament, picked that one up. Slightly disappointed they had no pins for the Challenge and the 10k. They only had the half marathon pins. 

And the Dooney and Burke bags had a great design. I didn’t get any, but really  was tempted. The smaller one was $188 while the backback was over $300. 


After merchadise I picked up my shirts. They have a nice design this year.  I especially love the 10k one with the Captain Anerica Shield. 


I wandered through the expo. You’ll find a lot of great stuff from running shirts, to geektastic head phones to medal sport hooks to display your medals and more.  I love SportHooks, I have one of their displays and picked up an extender cause the medals are over flowing now.

 Along with cool merchadise there were tons of photo opportunities and a cool video shoot of you becoming Ant Man. 

I wore my Black Widow jacket from Hot Topic just for this.  Feeling pretty super.
 Who else is doing the race this weekend? Anyone dressing up? I’ll be a USO girl for the 10k, maybe I’ll find Captain along the course and Captain America on Sunday. I was hoping to make a Loki costume, but didn’t have time. If you see me, say hi. Thanks for reading and just keep running. 

Dumbo Double Dare 2015

This past weekend I ran in Disney’s Dumbo Double Dare. The race consists of a 10k on Saturday followed by a half marathon on Sunday. They are intense. For running the two races you receive an extra medal, the Dumbo Double dare medal. 

The 10k 

The 10k started bright and dark. I was in my corral before 5 am. The race starts at 5:30 am. The theme of the race was Villians. Of course Cruel and Maleficent stopped by to kick off the race.  I dressed up as Snow White rather than a Villian. 

in my corral waiting for the race to start

Once the race began you got to run through part of the streets of Anehiem, California Adventure, Disneyland, Downtown Disney, and finishing by Disneyland hotel. 

photo ops during the race

Finishing was the best part and I really liked the medal. It was a replica of the Magic Mirror. 


after crossing the finish

magic mirror 10k medal

It was a great race, but I had to rest up for the half the next day. 

The half marathon 

Not only was Disneyland celebrating their 60th but the Disneyland half was celebrating their 10th anniversary. 

I was a feeling good after the 10k so I felt confident running the half.  I dressed as Minnie Mouse for the half and taped up my knees. I have previous knee injuries so I find that KT tape helps a girl with two bad knees continue running all these races. 



Mickey and Minnie kicking off the race

I didn’t stop for pictures on the race. I did take this at mile 5. It is wonderful running in Disneyland. The whole city of Anaheim is there to support all the runners. From marching bands, to different culture organizations everyone is cheering you on. It’s amazing. 


at the finish
all the bling

The half marathon medal was special this year. It spun around in the center. It was awesome 

Well that’s another race in the books. So happy I had my friends and my mom to cheer me on. Thanks to all the people that volunteered, strangers that passed out wet sponges, all the organizations and classic car owners that were out cheering us on. No race compares to RunDisney. I’ve been running them for several years and I plan on running them for as long as I live. I hope this inspires you to run or volunteer for a race. Thanks for reading. Have a magical day. 

Disneyland half Marathon Weekend 2015 Packet Pick Up 

It’s another race weekend at the happiest place on earth. I’m signed up for Dumbo Double Dare, a 10k on Saturday followed by a Half Marathon on Sunday.  It’s also the 10th anniversary of the 5k and the Disneyland half. 

I headed over the first day of the expo to pick up my packet and get some cool merchandise. 

      One day I’ll be a legacy runner. To be a legacy runner you have to run a half marathon from the inaugural race for a consecutive 5 years and all the other years after that.   


New Balance the official shoes of Run Disney has three styles at the expo, these are exclusive to Run Disney events. There is a Steamboat Minnie, Steamboat Mickey, and Tinkerbell. I have the Cinderella ones from 2014. They are good for 10ks but not for half marathons 



picked up my packet and now im done

My haul from the expo. I got the car magnets which I put on the fridge. I did get a coast to coast one since I did the coast to coast earlier this year. I got some pins too and a necklace. 

magnets and pins

And I bought two jackets. The red is fleece lined it runs a bit big not sure if it’s a men’s jacket. I got a small and I’m usually a medium. The blue one is a running performance jacket. They are pricey at $74.95 but I did get 20% with my AP discount.    These are the race shirts. When you do Dumbo Double Dare not only do you get the Dumbo Double Dare shirt you get the 10k and half marathon shirts as well. I love the designs this year.  

Thanks for reading and stay tune for more posts about the 10k and half marathon. Wish me luck! Have a magical day. 

Tinkerbell Half marathon weekend 2016 

It’s less than a week away, but soon everyone will be able to signup for the Tibkerbell half marathon weekend. 

It will be the 5th anniversary of the Tinkerbell half. Very excited I’ve already signed up for the Pixie dust Challenge. The Pixie Dust Challege includes the 10k and the half marathon. For doing both races you get a third medal the Pixie Dust Challenge medal. 

To sign up please visit the RunDisney site. Registration starts at 9 am Pacific time.  They have kids races, a 5k fun run, 10k, and a half. It’s lots fun and everyone can do it. All you need is a little faith and trust oh and don’t forget the PIxie Dust 😉

This was me this year with my 10k medal. So much fun. 

Thanks for reading! Have a magical day. 

Hogwarts virtual race at Disneyland

This past Friday was Harry Potter’s birthday and what better way to celebrate it is by doing a Hogwarts virtual race at Disneyland. I’ve mentioned the Hogwarts Running Club  in a previous post. If you aren’t familiar with them you sign up, they send you your medal, and you do your miles anywhere and anytime. 

We signed up for the Department of Mysteries 6.2442 race and decided to do our race in California Adventure and Disneyland.  So two Hufflepuffs, a Slytherin, and a Ravenclaw finished and took a picture with a mouse. 

Minnie and medals

I also took a picture by the castle. 


here is a close up of the medal

It was a lot of fun. I already signed up for the next virtual race Platform 9 3/4k race.  The race cost 28.25 including the service fee. I highly recommend doing them and sign up quickly before it sells out. Here is the medal you’ll receive. 
Thanks for reading! Have a magical day 😊✨

Hogwarts Running Club- virtual Hogwarts Races. 

I am a geek who loves to run and I especially love geeky themed runs. I’ve run the Disney Star Wars and Avengers races already. Plus countless of Disney ones. I totally got excited when my friend shared an article about the Hogwarts Running Club.  I am a huge Harry Potter fan. Ravenclaw forever, yes I consider myself a Ravenclaw.  

The wonderful thing about Hogwarts Running Club is they put on virtual races and send you a medal. What are virtual races? Well there is no set pace or place. Run or walk how fast or slow as you want and where you want.  This is great especially for those whose work schedule or running pace can’t meet most races. Plus you don’t have the expense of travel. So this is a great low budget option. 

I signed up for Department of Mysteries 6.2442 the cost was $28.25 including fees. There is a link on the Facebook page or go to the Active race page to sign up. Spots are limited so sign up fast. 


a preview of the medal
A few of my friends have signed up and we will be doing our virtual race at Disneyland.  Happy Birthday, Harry Potter.  I will of course be rocking my favorite Ravenclaw shirt I got a tee turtle. Sadly, they don’t carry it anymore. It will be lots of fun and my friends will be rocking their house pride as well. Hufflepuffs, Slytherin, and Ravenclaws. I know, I don’t have any Gryffindor friends doing the race. Sadly, they are busy fight dark forces. What house do you belong to?


If you’re a Harry Potter fan this is something you should check out. Have a Geektastic time if you do it! 

Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend Registration sign up – my heart attack this morning

It’s more than 7 months away, but pre-registration for the Star Wars Half Marathon for annual pass holders already occurred and I thought I was going to have a heart attack during sign up. I ran the inaugural half this year with friends. It was so much fun. I dressed up as R2D2, my friend as Chewy, and her fiancé as Luke.

I have a system that I have done for a year or two that has worked. I’m in front of my computer by 15 minutes before registration opens. All signed up through the annual pass page and just before it hits the registration time I hit refresh and boom I hit the page link and I’m in. All of that was going well this morning except when I went to the RunDisney page and hit the link to sign up for the Star Wars Half marathon and only abblank page would open. What the hell? I was seriously getting worried. Lucky I had my phone by me  and signed up through there. Which to tell you the truth is not the same. I hate typing on touch screen and double checking that I didn’t accidentally type something wrong, because I always manage to do that. In the end I successfully signed up for the Star Wars half marathon.

I was curious why my computer wasn’t working properly. So on a hunch I downloaded the latest version of Flash. Sure enough that was the problem. So next time I will make sure to have all my updates done before sign up.

If you are interested in signing up for any of the races for the Star Wars half marathon week, registration opens to the public on June 16th (12 pm eastern or 9 amPacific ). You can go to the RunDisney page for more information. Tip on registration, be sure to be at your computer 15 minutes before registration with the link open and hit refresh a minute before or on the actual sign up time.  Have your credit/debit card in front of you too. You don’t want to be searching for it last minute or digging through your purse. Trust me, it saves time.

Hope those who are thinking about doing a RunDisney race sign up for the Star Wars one. They have all levels from kids, 5k, 10k, to half. They are so much fun and the medals are pretty awesome. Thanks for reading and “may the force be with you” during sign up!

The medal from the Star Wars half 2015

Tinkerbell 10k recap

Just ran the Tinkerbell 10k and it was another great race. I ran the inaugural 10k last year and definitely plan on doing it every year as long as I can. This year Disney added the Pixie dust challenge for running the 10k and half marathons you get a Pixie Dust Challenge medal. This year since I did the Princess half and Expedition Challenge I decide to pass on the Pixie Dust Challenge, especially since I have Dumbo Double Dare and the Avengers infinity Gauntlet Challenge later this year.

For the 10k I decided to dress up as Wendy Darling. She’s my favorite along with Peter Pan. I wore a top from Forever 21 athletics. Surprising they have decent workout clothes, running shorts from Under Armor, skirt by sparkle athletics , and tennis shoes by RunDisney. I had the Cinderella ones of last year. They are ok shoes for 5k or 10ks, but they did cause me problems for the Star Wars half


The race started at 5:30 am before then we wait in our corrals. The host try to make it entertaining and we even had a visit from Fawn and Tinkerbell.



Then the race started I stopped for a few pictures. Along the way.


The race was pretty good. I finished at a good time considering I stopped for pictures. This was my 4th RunDisney race of the year. I have four more to go.

Here is a better view of my medal


It’s so pretty.


Pretty proud got to add this to my medals. I have a few more medals I don’t display, but these are all 10k and up with the exception of Everest


Anyone run the Tinkerbell 10k? Anyone doing the Pixie Dust Challenge? Hope this inspires you if you haven’t done a RunDisney race to sign up for one. All you really need is faith and trust and a little Disney magic.

Tinkerbell half marathon Weekend- packet pickup

I just finished Expedition Everest last weekend and I’m already gearing up for another race this coming weekend. Oh Disney what you do to a girl. This year RunDisney added another challenge. The Pixie Dust Challenge for running the 10k and the Half marathon you get a third medal, the Pixie Dust Challenge Medal. This year I’m not doing the challenge as I am doing Dumbo Double Dare in September and the Avengers Infinity Gauntlet Challenge in November. I decided just to stick with the 10k. I ran the Inaugural 10k last year and I’m looking forward to running it again this year.

Packet pickup will be available through Saturday. Be sure to pick up your own packet. Disney changed the rules about packet pickup and only you and you alone can pick up your race packet.

I got there two hours before the expo opened so I could be in line for merchandise. I will admit they had a lot of great stuff, even stuff for the 10k, which is pretty rare. I have to say that Disneyland is so much more organized for races than Disney World. We are given a wrist band and we are single file placed in rows. When the expo opens we are walked over to the merchandise section single file row by row. In Disney World sadly it was run for it when the doors open.

I bought a few things, including a Dooney and Bourke Bag.

I love the drink ware. I have the wine glass and tumbler from Tinkerbell 2014 and use it all the time. I decided to get the travel bottle as well. I especially like how this year’s tumbler features all the races.




I also got the car magnets. I have a habit of getting a car magnet which I use for my fridge for every race I do. Disappointed there wasn’t one for Everest, but happy they had the Tink 10k. They even had one for the 5k.


I also got the pins for the races I’m doing. Even the Pixie Dust Challenge even though technically I’m only doing part of it 🙂


Love this year’s design for Tinkbell. I love last year’s more though and I’m kicking myself I never bought one of the bags. The color in the photo is deceiving as the color of the purse is actually a grayish plum color rather than black. It is very roomy and had a front zipper pocket and in the center has several more pockets. The only issue is that it’s cloth not leather like the Princess half marathon purses. Though it is a washable type cloths so just a damp cloth should keep it clean. It’s the perfect bag for your next Disney trip. The bag itself is $188 plus tax.


IMG_8459 IMG_8460 IMG_8463

I did stop by one of the booths selling Biofreeze. If you have knee injuries like myself I can’t recommend this enough. My mom who has been having some back pain tried some of my biofreeze and is now a believer in it. So highly recommend it. I bought three tubes of this stuff at the expo.


I also stopped at the Lasting Commemoratives booth and picked up a free bookmark. I love their products. I ordered one of their frames two years ago and they did such a wonderful job. You can ask for a custom order and they will do it. I can’t wait until the end of the year when I will order my 10 rundisney medals frame 🙂


After all the merchandise had been bought I headed over to finally pickup my packet.




I really love the design of the shirts this year. Especially love the mint color of the 10k shirts. IMG_8458


I’m really looking forward to the race. I will be dressed up as Wendy. Anyone else doing the 10k, half or the pixie dust challenge? Are you dressing up? I will have another post about the race and my costume.  In the meantime just keep running or flying in this case :).