The making of Art Nouveau Belle cosplay 

I am a huge fan of Hannah Alexander art work, eapecially her art nouveau art work. I’ve always wanted to bring one of her works to life. It’s a big challenge to undertake making a pattern, dying fabric and hand beading ,but I was up to the challenge. 

 I decided on tackling the Art Nouveau Belle! 
I bought 7 yards of poly blend satin and 7 yards of poly blend chiffon. I had two yards of yellow broadcloth already.  


Now to figure how to make the dress. I found a pattern that worked well and would just need a little modifying. 

I just had to modify the goudets, the insets between the seams that create a flowey almost mermaid like feel. Making them longer and wider to create a sillouet similar to the drawing.  Also I would need to make sleeves and add ruffles. 

I constructed the skirt and cut out the pieces of the top. The top consists  of 5 layers of fabric. Two layers of cotton broad cloth, with interfacing In between,  satin and chiffon. The bodice will be boned. The boning channels will be between the cotton fabrics. I constructed the cotton section fist and left the piece of chiffon and satin as pieces to be dyed. 

To dye the skirt, it is best to have the satin lining constructed and the chiffon top layer constructed. 

Now to dye the fabric. When using poly blend you have to use dye formulated to work for that. Rit dye more  Daffodil yellow  is the dye I used for the project, regular Rit will not work. Also when dying polyester blends you have to use the stove top method. With ombré you have to dye the fabric in section. The fabric you want darkest has to stay in the dye longer. The fabric you want lightest remove from the pot first.  I dumped everything in the pot after 10 minutes I pulled a section out. After another 15 minutes I pulled another chunck of a section. I left the remainder in to soak for another 15 Minutes. Repeat the same process for the chiffon.  Also don’t use the pot for cooking after. This pot should only be used for dying and not for food. 


 Be sure to follow the bottle instruction. 

Now that everything is dyed it’s time to sew everything together.  

I made the belt pattern that was going to be embellished with embroidered beaded lace. 


The sleeves I drafted a pattern myself and drafted the pattern for the ruffles on the bodice and the sleeves.    



I hand sewed the belt to the dress. Machine sewing it could possibly damage the beading and the chiffon. 

Now to work on the grommets. With cosplays I like to have stuff that laces up. I unfortunately  fluctuate in weight about 5 to 10 lbs so lacing is a must especially with cosplays that take such a long time and effort to create. 

It’s a painful process and I have a hand held grommet press so elbow grease is a must. 
Now to finish the beading. I bought these gold beads at Joann’s fabric. You have to hand sew them. Work in tiny sections so they don’t break apart easily. 


The jeweled Rose was hand sewn to the center. I was so lucky to have found this piece. 


For the top I divided the strands with two white pearl beads it added a nice touch.        

Now to do the beading on the hip. This was the biggest pain and the beads would break. Work in small sections and knot often. My cat was in charge of quality control and inspection lol 


The rhinestones on the godets were glued with E6000.       

For the head piece I used fake roses, leaves, a wide head band, and a few fake pearls. I cut the heads, laid the leaves on the head band, glued, and hot glued the Rose heads to the leaves. I added a few pearls to the leaves.   

Here is the dress completed. You can tell in the video how beautifully the ombre turned out.  




I hope this inspires you to create your own Art nouveau princess. Thanks for reading! 

Belle goes to Be Our Guest and France 

On my last day at Disney World I went Disney Bouding as Belle. I bounded as village Belle on my last trip. I wrote a blog post on that bound. This time I was going as ballroom Belle. I found a cute yellow dress at Forever 21 and gold flats at Steve Madden and a Belle bow I got at a craft fair. 

I was very happy I snagged a lunch reservation for Be Our Guest restaurant! I’ve eaten there once before for lunch and the food is delicious and fairly reasonably priced for the quantity.  The only bad thing, getting reservations is difficult, try getting them several months before you go. 

at the entrance to Be our guest

There are three dinning rooms to choose from  

the grand ballroom


the west wing

and the gallery room

I picked the West Wing this time. It’s small, but dark and mysterious. During the time there you can hear and see a lighting storm. 

The food was delicious I got the tuna salad and my mom got the quiche and French onion soup. Of course we also ordered the master cup cake, with the grey stuff. It’s delicious.

Try the grey stuff , it’s delicoius

leaving Be our Guest

Now to meet Gaston. Always try to line up 30 mins to 45 mins before Gaston comes out to insure you get a photo with him.  



Had a lovely time at the Magic Kingdom now on to EPCOT specifically France, home to Belle. In EPCOT they have Village Belle, which I love.  


Belle and Belle

After France I went to the UK and hung out with Alice  


She loved my dress and asked if I was going to a tea party? 

It was a fun day at Disney World and I miss it already. Have you ever Disneybounded before? And if you have or haven’t what character do you want to bound as next?  Thanks for reading! Have a magical day! 

Everest Challenge the final Expedition 2015.

Last weekend I ran through Animal Kingdom in search of the Yeti for the final Expedition Everest Challenge. It was a dream for many years to do this race and I was super lucky I was one of the few that was able to sign up for it.

The race itself is a 5k obstacle race with three obstacle challenges. After the 5k you are given a series of clues (5 clues in total) you have to solve in order to receive your final medal.

For this race I decided to dress up as village Belle, because I want adventure in the great wide Animal Kingdom.


In my corral I made a new friend, who happened to also be a fellow cosplayer, and we decided to team up to take on this challenge. Glad we did because we were able to help each other during the clues. The 5k was a good run and the obstacles consisted of jumping over hay bails, crawling under a mesh netting, and running through tires.

The clues weren’t too bad a bit challenging but as a team it was easier. The last clue required us to find the words of all the answers from the previous clues in a word search. The remaining letters would spell out what to do. “Go find the Yeti at the finish” well we went to the finish and said that but it wasn’t correct. We figured out that the Yeti was in one of the clues. Sure enough a picture of the Yeti was on the front of clue number 2. Yay finished the Everest Challenge and got my beautiful medal.


Here is a picture with my new friend. Yay team cosplay. LILO and BELLE


At the post party they had Dinoland open for rides and photo opportunities


Here is a photo of my beautiful medal


Glad I ran Everest looking forward to the Tinkerbell 10k. Anyone running the Tinkerbell half weekend? What are you dressing up as?

Running while having your nose stuck in a book – village Belle running costume.

It’s that time again where race season is in full swing again. I have a few races coming up, but thought I would share my costume for the upcoming race! Here is a preview of Village Belle.

The long sleeve white top is from REI, the blue tank is from Lorna Jane , the blue sparkle skirt is from Sparkle Athletics , blue capris running pants from Under Armor, white apron from my childhood. Don’t forget the blue bow.


Hope this gives you an idea for your next race. I’ll be posting a post race blog about my experiences for each race, along with more race costume ideas in the next few days. Be sure to be on the look out for that. Thanks and keep it craft 🙂

Disney Bounding Belle

Disney Bounding has become a bit more popular and unlike cosplay you don’t have to sew an exact replica. All you have to do is use regular clothes and accesorries  that represent the character. I had fun last week Disney Bounding as Belle in Disney World. I used a blue dress, a white blouse, ballet flats, and of course you can’t forget the blue bow.

I headed over to New Fantasyland to have lunch at Be Our Guest restaurant. I’m annoyed that they now require reservations when I went you just had to wait 40 minutes, now you have to book lunch reservations months in advance if you can even get through.


There are three different dinning rooms to choose from the ball room, the gallery room, or the west wing. The west wing is cool with a dark feeling and a rose losing it’s petals. I ended up in the gallery room.

IMG_5700IMG_5692 IMG_5693

My mom ordered the quiche with salad and I ordered the slow cooked pork, with mashed potatoes and vegetables. Everything was delicious


Of course you can’t forget dessert. The master cupcake is amazing, the grey stuff it’s delicious. It’s a chocolate cupcake with grey frosting and a chocolate piece. It was so moist and fluffy. I savored every bite.


I had a wonderful meal there and hope to be back there again.


Now after that wonderful lunch I headed to Gaston’s Tavern to see if Gaston was around. I was busy reading when I saw him, he noticed my book and then took it from me and put it high on the building rafter.


I took a few photos with him. He does like to take pictures, because he thinks he is beautiful.

IMG_5771When the picture taking was done I asked if he could “Please give me back my book”!”


He really didn’t want to, in fact he got my book down and gave it to a total stranger and told him to throw it in the trash. You know he is not a fan of books. Maybe he doesn’t know how to read? Luckily the stranger gave it back. Gaston is quite the character, in fact I would say he is positively primeval.


After my time in the Magic Kingdom I headed over to Epcot, I had dinner reservations in France and also was excited that they had Village Belle there.


IMG_5849 IMG_5876 IMG_5844

A quick stop at the UK and said hello to Alice.

Then off to France and at that moment it started raining so pictures with Belle were moved inside.


Reading is fun!

After my reading session with Belle I headed to Monsieur Paul, it’s a wonderful restaurant. I always like to splurge on one or two fancy meals during my vacation and this was it. I was compliment by the waitress who said when she approached the table she thought Belle was dinning with them.



I had a great day Disney Bounding, received many complements on my Belle bound and many cast member played along calling me Belle and Princess. Have you tried Disney Bounding? And if so what characters have you bounded as? I can’t wait to Disney Bound again!

A Real Beauty running costume

Last September I ran Dumbo Double Dare (10k on Saturday and a Half Marathon Sunday) To run 19.3 miles was challenging but the dressing up part helps. I did a Belle costume for the 10k. What you need is a yellow tank top, some yellow fabric about 2 yards that you will cut, fold and sew together, and a rose if you wish to add it. I found a yellow tank top at Forever 21. I bought yellow fabric at the fabric store. I sewed the fabric in one long band.IMG_3082

I have a simple Singer sewing machine. You don’t need anything fancy, you can even hand stitch the fabric. Then I hand sewed the band to the tank top and sewed on the rose.


I then cut some old opera length gloves and dyed them yellow. I bought a yellow sparkle skirt from Sparkle Athletics, there are tons of running skirts you can buy or you can make your own tutu. I will try and make one and have a tutorial on how to do it eventually.

In the end it turned out nicely. IMG_3980Here I am with the costume on.


Here is the 10k Medal  I got for running 6.2 miles. Pretty cool medal.


Hope this inspires you to run a race in costume.