Tinkerbell 10k recap

Just ran the Tinkerbell 10k and it was another great race. I ran the inaugural 10k last year and definitely plan on doing it every year as long as I can. This year Disney added the Pixie dust challenge for running the 10k and half marathons you get a Pixie Dust Challenge medal. This year since I did the Princess half and Expedition Challenge I decide to pass on the Pixie Dust Challenge, especially since I have Dumbo Double Dare and the Avengers infinity Gauntlet Challenge later this year.

For the 10k I decided to dress up as Wendy Darling. She’s my favorite along with Peter Pan. I wore a top from Forever 21 athletics. Surprising they have decent workout clothes, running shorts from Under Armor, skirt by sparkle athletics , and tennis shoes by RunDisney. I had the Cinderella ones of last year. They are ok shoes for 5k or 10ks, but they did cause me problems for the Star Wars half


The race started at 5:30 am before then we wait in our corrals. The host try to make it entertaining and we even had a visit from Fawn and Tinkerbell.



Then the race started I stopped for a few pictures. Along the way.


The race was pretty good. I finished at a good time considering I stopped for pictures. This was my 4th RunDisney race of the year. I have four more to go.

Here is a better view of my medal


It’s so pretty.


Pretty proud got to add this to my medals. I have a few more medals I don’t display, but these are all 10k and up with the exception of Everest


Anyone run the Tinkerbell 10k? Anyone doing the Pixie Dust Challenge? Hope this inspires you if you haven’t done a RunDisney race to sign up for one. All you really need is faith and trust and a little Disney magic.


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