Marie – the purrfect Disney Bound.

I was so happy to be in Florida during the Flower and Garden Festival and for the Everest Expedition. It was so beautiful to see all the topiaries. I’m finally sorting through all my pictures and thought I would do a couple posts about it. While there I Disney Bounded as Snow White, Marie from the Aristocats, and Belle.

If you aren’t familiar with what Disney Bounding is it’s basically wearing regular clothes and accessories to represent something Disney. It could be a character or even a ride or a land in the park. You can get some ideas also on the disney bound

Marie is one of my favorites and I decided to Disney Bound as her, also because Marie is in Disney World so I wanted my picture with her.

I wore a white dress, used a pink scarf for my neck and a pink ribbon around my waist. I bought the loveliest fascinator from the hat and mouse
Her work is amazing. I have four fascinators I’ve purchased and I will be doing a post on my Peter Pan bounding as well.

I got to Main Street and waited patiently for Marie. Minnie was doing the photo opt and I honestly let people go before me so I could have my turn with Marie instead. I have Minnie in Disneyland and even have a picture with her while bounding as Minnie. Finally Marie came!


After that I took more photo opportunities with more characters.



And then even took some more by the topiaries in Epcot.


Ahhah tick tock is going to eat me!!!


Cats and dogs!

Marie and Marie!

It was such a fun day of Disney bounding. Have you even Disney bounded? What are some of your favorite characters? Please stay tune for my next post of Disney bounds and my recap of the Tinkerbell 10k. Have a magical day!


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