Everest Challenge the final Expedition 2015.

Last weekend I ran through Animal Kingdom in search of the Yeti for the final Expedition Everest Challenge. It was a dream for many years to do this race and I was super lucky I was one of the few that was able to sign up for it.

The race itself is a 5k obstacle race with three obstacle challenges. After the 5k you are given a series of clues (5 clues in total) you have to solve in order to receive your final medal.

For this race I decided to dress up as village Belle, because I want adventure in the great wide Animal Kingdom.


In my corral I made a new friend, who happened to also be a fellow cosplayer, and we decided to team up to take on this challenge. Glad we did because we were able to help each other during the clues. The 5k was a good run and the obstacles consisted of jumping over hay bails, crawling under a mesh netting, and running through tires.

The clues weren’t too bad a bit challenging but as a team it was easier. The last clue required us to find the words of all the answers from the previous clues in a word search. The remaining letters would spell out what to do. “Go find the Yeti at the finish” well we went to the finish and said that but it wasn’t correct. We figured out that the Yeti was in one of the clues. Sure enough a picture of the Yeti was on the front of clue number 2. Yay finished the Everest Challenge and got my beautiful medal.


Here is a picture with my new friend. Yay team cosplay. LILO and BELLE


At the post party they had Dinoland open for rides and photo opportunities


Here is a photo of my beautiful medal


Glad I ran Everest looking forward to the Tinkerbell 10k. Anyone running the Tinkerbell half weekend? What are you dressing up as?


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