Princess Half Marathon Expo 2015

The Princess Half Marathon Expo was very different than the Disneyland half Expos I’ve experienced. I will say that Disneyland is far more organized in general. Also packet pickup and merchandise are held in the same building for the Disneyland races, not in separate as in Disney World. I arrived at the Expo at 7:35 a.m. it was held at ESPN World of Sports, at 7:40 a.m. the gates opened. Usually at 6:30 a.m. people are already lined up in Disneyland, not here. No one seemed to know exactly what line you needed to be initially for bags or merchandise. Disneyland has everything organized very early in the morning with staff that directs you to the proper line for Dooney bags, merchandise, or packet pick up. Eventually my mom and I spilt up, I going in one line for merchandise and my mom going in another for Dooney & Bourke Bags. It was freezing cold and windy on a Thursday, now granted I’m from California so 35 degrees is freezing to me, I waited in line for 2 hours. At 9:30 they let us in early.  If you have ever done a Disneyland race everyone has to be in single file and are let in one at a time, the last race I did was Star Wars and they gave people colored wrist bands to designated which time you were in. Unfortunately Disney World just opened the doors and people ran. I was one of the first few people first in line so I wasn’t too worried, but it was still something that stuck in my mind. I wasn’t intending to go to crazy with merchandise, but I did buy a few more things than expected.

  IMG_6176 IMG_6175IMG_6145IMG_6152IMG_6155 IMG_6151IMG_6173



IMG_6171   IMG_6174

For Run Disney Merchandise I bought some pins, a necklace (super cute that the shoe has 2015 on it), drink ware,  and a car magnet (I use it for my refrigerator). Every time I do a half marathon I get a magnet, this one was my 5th.

IMG_6815  IMG_6813



At the expo itself I bought a light blue sparkle skirt from Sparkle Athletics.

A necklace and snow flake hair clips from Milestones sports jewelry



I also splurged  and got two Dooney and Bourke bags. I never have bought any of the race bags, even though I’ve done several.  I was only intending to get the medium size bag, but my mom loved the larger bag and since she has been my biggest supporter and been there for every race I bought it for her. I usually don’t spurge on race merchandise, but since it was my first Disney World race I thought it was merited.


Then I picked up my packet and got my Coast to Coast wrist band. I had run the Star Wars half so running the Princess half qualified me for the Coast to Coast medal. My first Coast to Coast!!!! I will say that I did get a bit teary eyed when the lady put the wrist band on me. If you run  the Princess half and the Tinkerbell half you get the special pink Coast to Coast. I am not doing the Tinkerbell half this year, only the 10k so I got the regular Coast to Coast.



It was a fun long day, but glad it was over and I was definitely looking forward to race day. I will post about the race itself in the following post. Please stay tune for that. Keep on running!!!


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