The coolest running costume that will make any snowman melt

I’m running the 2015 Princess Half Marathon. I decide to make an Anna costume since the theme this year is Frozen. I found a light blue long sleeve running shirt at Forever 21. Had an old black tank top and bought a blue sparkle skirt. 


  1. Light blue long sleeve running shirt
  2. black tank top
  3. Blue sparkle skirt or blue running pants (I got mine from Sparkle Athletics)
  4. Gold ribbon
  5. Fabric paint (green, hot pink, purple, and gold)
  6. Stencil
  7. x acto knife
  8. brushes
  9. sewing machine or needle and thread

I found a stencil on Alphamom . I printed out the stencil and cut out the image floral pattern with an x acto knife. A tip that I am sharing since I made this mistake, print the image on a heavier paper or card stock. I printed it on standard paper and when painted onto the shirt and bit of the paper got stuck on the shirt. I did wash off eventually, but it is easier not having paper stuck on your shirt.

I cut out the green vine first, painted it green and waited for it to dry before I peeled it off. I then cut out the pink flowers from the stencil, painted it and waited for it to dry. I free handed the purple flowers and gold dots. I waited it for it to dry a few days before I washed it. After it was washed it was time to add the ribbon.


IMG_5342The Ribbon was difficult and I had to sew it, rip out the seams, and sew again. This happened three times. First mistake don’t sew the ribbon on a flat tank. I discovered that that running tanks stretch when you put them on so don’t measure and sew it when it is laying flat on the table it won’t fit. So the best method is to measure it on a dress form or yourself. Since I don’t have a dress form I carefully pinned the ribbon on the strap, then sewed it on with the sewing machine. I did this for the ribbon along the bust line too. I cut two pieces of fabric and overlaid them to create the v shaping. In the end it turned out nicely . Can’t wait for the Princess Half.


I will be posting a follow up blog about the Expo and the Princess Half Race itself. Hope you have fun creating this or any costume for your future race.

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