The Fairest of them All running costume

I decided to run as Snow White for the Disneyland Half 2014. I ran as Belle for the 10k, tutorial on that costume is the previous post. I will say that my inspiration came from another blog.


  1. Blue tank top
  2. Elastic band (wider width)
  3. Large Snaps
  4. Blue ribbon
  5. Red ribbon
  6. Red fabric for cap (one yard)
  7. White fabric for collar
  8. Stiff Interfacing (Jo Ann’s workers were very nice in helping me pick which one I needed)
  9. Yellow running skirt (mine was from
  10. Red bow headband

First measure the elastic around your arm and cut. Sew on snaps this will make it easier to put on. I didn’t follow the blog I played with the length of the ribbon and cut them a bit longer.

Cut 2 pieces of blue ribbon 10″ long

Cut 2 pieces of blue ribbon 11″ long

Cut 2 pieces of red ribbon 10″ long

Cut 2 pieces of red ribbon 11″ long

Cut 2 pieces of red ribbon 9″ long

Then machine sew the ribbon to the elastic. IMG_3087

I sewed two different seams to make sure it would not unravel.  Then I pinned it like the blog suggested and hand sewed it to the tank. I hand sewed the cape on as well. IMG_3090

The collar was a bit tricky. I did my own pattern out of parchment paper (using the blog as a guide) then traced it on the interfacing and cut it out. Use the interfacing as a guide to cut the white fabric leaving some room for the seam. The sewing of the fabric around the interfacing was a big problem but in the end it turned out ok.  My sewing skills are very basic. I think another option would be to use fabric glue and glue the fabric on the interfacing. I then positioned the collar, pinned it,  and hand sewed it.


I didn’t take any pictures along the race course, but here are the medals I got for running Dumbo Double Dare.


It was a great race! I can’t wait to run Dumbo Double Dare 2015. It will be the 10th anniversary for the Disneyland Half marathon. Can’t wait to see the special medal for that race! Hope this inspires you to create your costume for your next race.

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